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Our team successfully executed a data migration project example where the client’s ETL process was migrated from IBM DataStage to Visual Flow ETL. ETL pipelines were designed to collect employees data from learning and development activities such as trainings, seminars, projects, certificates, and other reference information. Data was stored in number of sources such as PostgreSQL, Redmine, and OpenOlat. The overall amount of processed data is several millions of lines per day. Then the ETL Developer transforms the data and loads it into a local data mart based on the star schema. The migration to Visual Flow allowed them to significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Tech challenge

During the development process, we had to introduce new features to Visual Flow to meet the client’s business needs, such as single sign-on functionality and DB2 native connection. Finally, it was implemented successfully, which allowed the team to fully migrate the existing ETL process to Visual Flow following best practices for data migration.

US based IT company working in the healthcare industry


US-based growing startup serving the healthcare industry has been successfully leveraging Visual Flow since January 2022.


The Visual Flow team helped in supporting clinical and medical research to empower the client’s healthcare capabilities and to provide cutting-edge services to patients all around the world.

Tech challenge

Our client created a new frontend for easy mapping based on Visual Flow. Now its GUI allows the client’s business users – even those without a strong technical background and good understanding of programming languages – to aggregate data from multiple sources, integrate it, and prepare it for further analysis.

Visual Flow backend is deployed on OpenShift cluster and customized. The Visual Flow backend engine is used as an optimized OpenShift image for Apache Spark Scala jobs and integrated to the analytics platform.

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Improvements to a bank reporting system

Reduce the preparation time and improve the quality of management reporting.


IBA migrated information and analytical system (IAS)

Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW): We created and upgraded reports to identify suspicious financial transactions. We also developed “Market Risk Showcases” and processes for generating data about bank customers from QCD based on Visual Flow and Apache Superset.

Certified trainers from the IBA group trained the customer’s team to work in the new system following data migration strategies and best practices.


IBA Group consolidated all information from different corporate systems in CCD and AIS. Bank employees can now generate more detailed financial reports, which helps management make data-driven decisions.

After training, bank employees have the opportunity to maintain and improve the implemented systems independently.


Performance management system for a bank

Implement a bank performance management system: corporate data warehouse and BI reports, planning and budgeting solutions.


IBA Group Developed and implemented a centralized data warehouse.

To ensure data quality, we migrated ETL processes to Visual Flow (data extraction, transformation, and loading processes).

Then we implemented Metabase-based data marts, management, and regulatory reports; set up IT infrastructure; and trained bank employees to work with the new system.

The solution included 8 analytical showcases, 50+ fixed reporting forms, 60+ data categories, and 1,000+ parameters.


Now it is easier for employees to analyze the costs and profitability of products, conduct PL factor analysis, and manage risks.

We implemented cost allocation, transferred pricing to the system, and created models and dashboards for Internet business and ATM analytics.

Currently, managers receive more detailed reports for making executive decisions.


Corporate data warehouse for a bank

Create a corporate data warehouse based on the industry-standard Banking Data Warehouse model and centralize information for reporting and budgeting.

IBA Solution

IBA developed a corporate data warehouse, which is a clear data migration project example, set up algorithms for importing data into CEA from the bank’s internal systems and external sources, created a business term directory, and developed 100+ standard reporting forms. Our team also implemented data cleansing and quality control methods, which are integral to data migration best practices, following the bank’s internal rules, and divided the data into showcases: general ledger data, loan portfolio, management accounting, etc.

The solution contains 100+ standard reporting forms.


As a result of these best practices for data migration, bank managers received centralized financial reporting and improved data quality in prudential reporting.

The information is available in the form of interactive reports and dashboards, offering a practical data migration plan example.


Migration of the corporate data warehouse for a telecom operator

Migrate the enterprise data warehouse from Oracle to open source.

IBA Group solution

The IBA team analyzed the customer’s data sources and business processes, finalized the data marts, and optimized their performance, including preparing aggregated data. Our specialists migrated high-performance ETL feeds using Visual Flow and created reports using Metabase.


The telecom operator received a modern corporate data warehouse that meets its requirements.

Now the customer’s employees can clearly see the KPI analytics.


Enterprise data

Create and maintain the corporate data warehouse.

Optimize the global maritime and inland transportation network and achieve operational efficiency, cargo capacity, and container availability.

IBA Group solution

The IBA team worked remotely with the customer’s team. We designed an ETL process architecture using Visual Flow and implemented data pipeline processing, showcasing data migration project examples. Then we created interactive data marts using business intelligence tools on Apache Superset.

The solution contains reliable data on business operations for 20 areas of the company.


An enterprise data warehouse and business intelligence system serve the client’s entire business. CCD contains verified, cleaned, and consistent data on all business transactions in more than 20 areas of the company, offering yet another practical data migration plan example.


Marketing solution for a truck manufacturer

Improve marketing analysis of production and registration of trucks.

Develop a flexible framework for analytical data mapping and interactive visualization.

IBA Group solution

Our team analyzed the customer’s business processes and data, designed the Enterprise Data Warehouse model, and migrated ETL processes to Visual Flow to load and display data.

We created business intelligence metadata models on Metabase for generating reports and dashboards.
We also trained the customer’s employees to work in the system.


The customer received a tool for a comprehensive market share analysis
by customers, competitors, and other critical indicators in various segments: customers, prices, products, geos, etc.


IT company managers got access to employee training analytics

Create interactive dashboards for a corporate training center.

IBA Group solution

Our team analyzed business requirements and migrated ETL processes to Visual Flow and BI solutions to Apache Superset, including metadata models and data panels. We also optimized performance.


Managers receive complete and up-to-date information about training and development of employee competencies with visualizing critical indicators in any context.

Information is available to executives online and offline in more than 40 countries. This is one of the greatest migration examples showing the benefits of employing data migration best practices.

Solution architecture example

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