We understand

every drop of developer sweat when writing custom codes for complex ETL/ELT processes. We also know stakeholders’ problems finding and paying the developers with Python, Scala, or Java knowledge to run Spark jobs.

We gained

loads of valuable experience working on big data projects as a part of IBA Group team. It inspired us to create Visual Flow for solving both issues.

Visual Flow founded

IBA Group team rate on Clutch

85 billion
Preserved nerve cells of one developer

P.S. We appreciate your contribution, by the way ;)

Certified quality

We’re leaders in engineering excellence inherited from 30+ years of IBA Group experience and confirmed by 50+ international quality certificates and awards.

With business in mind

We help businesses to transform data into real value by simplification of the ways they deal with ETL/ELT operations.

With developers in mind

We help developers set up and run ETL/ELT operations without learning new programming languages.

With data in mind

We throw a bridge between non-technical specialists and the data-driven world.

The team you can rely on

Throughout my 15+ years of ETL experience, I used major ETL tools. And I believe I can help the Visual Flow team build the next great thing for data engineers and analysts.
I am passionate about open source and data. I believe that it helped me inspire our greatest team and develop a product that simplifies development of ETL on Apache Spark. Feel free to contact me anytime.
I am excited to work with a team of great passionate developers to build the next generation open source data transformation tool.
We’ve already done lots of things, but we still need more to do down the road to encourage developers to contribute to open source products like Visual Flow.
I know all about Visual Flow and I'm ready to help add this easy-to-use tool without any hassle to your current dataflow process. Feel free to contact me anytime.
Our mission

To supply businesses & IT experts with simplified solutions for optimizing complex data-driven cycles

Our vision

To combine powerful technologies & put them under an intuitive interface, and provide businesses with the ability of complex development that keeps engineering excellence

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